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This was a client build using the ANODE 60% aluminum case from KBDFans. There wasn't a lot of information online for this case. The client and I took a chance on it. It turned out to be a great sounding top mount case. Most standard 60% tray mount pcb/plates will fit.

We use the red aluminum plate also from KBDFans as well as the Wilba WT-60D pcb. The switches were Durock Speed tactiles and Durock V2 stablizers. I did put a layer of neoprene to reduce the case resonance. The keycaps are from TheKey.Company, the Infinikey Sanctuary Rebirth.


Turned out to be a great 60% and was exactly what the client was looking for.  

5 Mark 65 - Social.JPG

I had two of these builds as a gaming friend and I both bought into the Boardsource offering of the Mark 65. It's a good hotswap 65% keyboard with good sound and functionality. Also has very classy/nice rgb underglow. 

The client build included Durock POM linear switches with Durock V1 stabilizers. The POM switches on FR4 plate produced a very deep clack and great typing experience. I liked it so much that I ended up going with the same Durock POM switches in my version of the Mark65. The last picture below is my build that includes GMK Miami Nights and a few artisans I've collected. 

2 Bottom.JPG
3 Side.JPG
KBD75 V2

This was a personal build using the KBDfans KBD75v2 kit. The build specs include: v2 Case in black, brass plate, Gazzew U4 Boba silent linears, Durock v1 stabilizers, and GMK Miami Nights. I put sorbothane in the case to make it ultra quiet and absorb any sounds. It's a pleasure to type on. 

Although I really do enjoy the typing experience and the build quality, I realized after some time spent on other builds I enjoy the unique sounds that non-silent type switches can provide. I've since moved on from this board to my most recent personal build listed below, the NEO Keys Palette G67.

Walnut 60
Walnut Case 60%​

This was a client build using a 60% walnut case from KBDfans. The build specs include: KBDfans - 60% Walnut Case, 60% brass plate, case foam, DZ60 PCB rev3 Gateron Black Inks V2 - lubed with krytox 205g0 filmed with Deskeys films Durock stabilizers - lubed with krytox 205g0 MechZone - Blue Graphite OEM pbt Keycaps.

TOFU 65%​

This build was for a giveaway to a lucky, deserving member of my gaming community the Blacklist. The build specs include: KBDfans - TOFU 65% Aluminum Case, 65% Aluminum plate, case foam (neoprene), KBD67 PCB rev2 Alpaca switches - lubed with krytox 205g0 filmed with Deskeys films Durock stabilizers - lubed with krytox 205g0 EnjoyPBT ABS Dolch doubleshot keycaps. 

As I mentioned, this was built with the intention of giving away. The details around the giveaway included a member of my gaming community needed to perform some sort of volunteer work, donation, helping hand, etc. The giveaway ran for 30 days and we had a large number of entries. I was so proud of the activity our members contributed. 

IMG_0026 (2).JPG
G67 Frost
NEO Keys Palette G67 - Frost​

This is another personal build that has become my daily driver for gaming and editing. The build specs include: Palette G67 - Frost Preset Scheme Carbon Fiber plate Gateron Black INKs v2 switches - lubed with krytox 205g0 filmed with Deskeys films Durock v2 stabilizers - lubed with krytox 205g0 GMK Miami Nights keycaps.

G67 Top.JPG
G67 Bottom RGB.JPG
G67 Bottom.JPG
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Video Game Computer


This keyboard has been a literal game changer, the quality is top notch, it looks, feels and sounds like pure butter.



Very happy with my full custom keyboard. Quality parts and build! Can't go back to pre-made now! 

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