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Currently open for commissions for 2022
I provide a full assembly service. Here's a breakdown of what is expected and/or available:

Provided by KornBoards:

  • Labor to lube and tune stabilizers

  • Soldering switches

  • Aligning keycaps (Applicable for half plate or plateless builds)

  • QMK/VIA Flashing keymap


  • Streaming build on Twitch

  • Sound test on YouTube


Provided by Client:

  • Keyboard case

  • Keyboard plate

  • Keyboard PCB

  • Switches (lubed, filmed, or spring swapped to be done prior to build on client’s behalf)

  • Keycaps (Optional, I can provide for the stream/sound test)

  • Stabilizers (Can be provided lubed or not)

  • Shipping costs to/from KornBoards


Extra Services
Extra services available for fee:
  • Keyboard selection consulting

  • Remote build support via web conference or other means

  • Lubing switches

  • Spring swap switches

  • Film switches

  • Soldering

  • Desoldering your old switches

  • Solder RGB strips

  • Solder Diodes

  • Solder LEDs

  • Solder USB ports

Shipping & Pricing
Due to extreme costs and unknown nature of international shipping, I prefer customers from the United States. 

Client is responsible for all shipping costs and will be added to the final invoice. Local delivery/handoff can be provided for the Houston, TX region. 

  • $40 for a 65% and below

  • $50 for a 75% to a TKL.

  • $55 for a CP/1800 layout

  • $75+ for a through hole keyboard (To be confirmed at time of inquiry)


All prices subject to be adjusted at time of inquiry depending on complexity of project.
*Prices do not include shipping costs.

Invoicing & Payment: 

I strictly utilize PayPal for all payments and invoicing. Please ensure your address is confirmed and verified with PayPal.   

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