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a bit about me:

My name is Ross but go by Kornographik in the gaming and keyboard communities. I'm a part time content creator, online gamer, and full time oil & gas worker based in Houston, TX. My main content centers around media for both YouTube  and Twitch containing keyboard builds, gaming reviews, highlights, and live streaming content.


After the switch from console gaming to PC I found myself looking for a better keyboard as I didn't like the sound or quality that comes from factory built keyboards. About a year ago I found the custom keyboard community and since then, I have not looked back...and am all the way down the rabbit hole!

I built my first custom keyboard using a kit from KBDfans the KBD75v2 with silent switches. I really liked the look and feel of the board. It felt premium compared to standard factory boards. I really enjoyed the build process, e.g., lubing switches, tuning stabilizers, and soldering. The activity around researching and learning a new hobby led to a sense of comfort and distraction during the forced isolation brought on by the pandemic.


I've since been asked by a couple of my gaming friends to build them a custom keyboard. I enjoyed those processes and the satisfaction of providing a premium build and quality product which led me to starting this business. So KornBoards was born.  

Check out my previous builds and let me know if you have any questions or would like some help or consultation for your next custom board. 

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